Sugaring 101

Dating back to the Egyptians, sugaring is an ancient method of hair removal.

 It  was called “Sukkar” in the Middle East and Egypt.

Back then, the Mesopotamian royalty required their women to be kept hair free using sugar. While the

Egyptian hieroglyphics describe girls whom served the  Pharaoh were expected to remove their hair. 

That’s right, Ladies and Gents! We may have just stumbled upon, one of the beauty secret of the beautiful, Cleopatra, herself.

-Hairless-ly, “bringing all the boys to the yard,” since 1900 BC–if you know what I mean.


Sugaring is a GREAT alternative for those who: have sensitive skin, have had negative reactions to wax,  are in search of an alternative hair removal method,  or   just, simply, looking for some -sugar- to add to their life.

Well, look no further, my friend! I’ve got your new, gentle, sweet alternative stuff right here- Sugaring.

Sugaring Ingredients:

3 Natural Ingredients: Pure Sugar Cane, Lemon, and Purified Water. -Talk about a Sweet removal!

Sugaring Application:

The Sugar is heated to form into a  syrup  consistency, cooled, then molded into a thick sugar-based paste ball, pressed onto the skin and quickly flicked off. Hair removed- Ta-Da!

No strips or sticks! Just sugar, love and gloves

How you like them Alliteration? 


The product is applied against the hair growth and removed in the direction of hair growth. It can be applied warm or room temperature-Never Hot.

Each and Every client receives a Fresh, New, Ball  of sugar paste,  that is immediately, discarded after it has been used- making, Sugaring, completely, hygienic.


Go forth into the world and flaunt your Hairless self.

Sugar Me